Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Finished Product Briquettes.

Biomass briquettes are made from Argo-Forestry waste and are an alternative for fossil fuels such as oil or coal, and can be used to heat boilers in manufacturing plants. Briquettes are prepared by grinding Biomass and sawdust into a homogeneous pulp and forming this into a briquette under very high pressure.
Biomass briquettes are a renewable source of energy and help condense the carbon content in the atmosphere. High pressure & pressing releases one of the natural components of wood - lignin which has the property of becoming liquid at high pressure (temperature) and, as it subsequently cools, it binds the wood together in its new form Briquettes.
The briquettes have the following advantages.
  • Have a high calorific value
  • Burn evenly and steadily giving longer lasting fire
  • Have low ash content which means no pollution of the environment and longer life for your machinery
  • The project enhances rural economy
    Saving of cost in disposal or in storage of waste material
  • It is also considered as an ideal fuel due to eco friendly and renewable energy fuel.
Finished Product Briquettes are used in diverse industries like : Gasifier System application, Refractory Industries, Chemical Industries, Milk plant, Vegetable plants, Spinning Mill, Leather Industries, Rubber Industries, Ceramic Industries, Solvent Extraction Plant, Dyeing Units, Food processing Industries, Textile Unit, Lamination Industries, Brick making units, Any Industrial thermal application.